The Reality of Heaven

We placed pink tulips at Lucy Mae’s grave, standing together, pressing into one another for strength and hope, remembering our moments with her, giving thanks for life. There’s no words to describe how we much we wanted it all to be different, how we wished we had a giggly, pig-tailed little girl running and laughing on the grassy hills, how we would have done anything to have even one more day of life with her.

I wonder if we could see through the veil that separates heaven from earth if we would see it all differently. I have a feeling we would collectively catch our breath in awe as we looked into the reality of heaven, the dimension next door to our reality on earth.

Jesus talked about it.

“Let the children come to me.

Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven

belongs to those who are like these children.”
(Matthew 19:14, NLT)

A healthy child is all about laughter, love, and life. So is heaven.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled.

Trust in God, and trust also in me.

There is more than enough room in my Father’s home.

If this were not so,

would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?
(John 14:1-2, NLT)

Relax. There’s no need to worry. There’s more to life than what is seen on earth. There’s a specific place for each to fit and belong in the dimension of heaven.

When I turned to leave Lucy’s grave, I almost could see the door to heaven open slightly, with light pouring out, revealing a road made from diamond-like jewels and perfect crystal clear puddles here and there. And, I’m pretty sure I saw a little girl laughing and dancing with angels on the road in the puddles. It made me smile.

After all, the reality of heaven is as close to us as our last breath on earth, where a life beyond imagination begins.

So. Lucy Mae, I have tulips on my desk as a reminder of your sweet life you had on earth and what you have in the reality of heaven. I hope you dance today. I love you!

Lucy Mae's grave 2013 lucy mae grave 2013 2

More later . . . Kerrie

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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