Inspired . . . part of our story.

While Madelyn and I were looking at pictures of “Uncle Timmy,” she repeatedly told me, “I was a baby in China.”  So.  We found pictures the orphanage sent during her first fourteen months of life.  It opened up an opportunity to talk about how wonderful she is now, an almost three-year-old, and how wonderful she was as a baby.

All of us need to hear we’re a wonderful-inspired-gift of God, regardless of our age.

Madelyn in China . . . in the orphanage . . . where she lived with great kids and care providers.

And.  Somehow she understood, at least a little, about something I’ve told her before:  “Uncle Timmy was a baby in Korea.”

First picture of Tim in South Korea’s Seoul City Hospital

Of course she had to announce it to him right away.  So.  She did.

Uncle Timmy and Madelyn

I’m excited for the day that Miss Madelyn understands adoption is not about good luck or chance, but inspired of God.  Madelyn will discover who she is step by step, a journey that takes a lifetime. After all, life is an ongoing-ever-changing story, which God has purposefully put into action.  In the end, each day is one more part of who we are.

But. I’m getting ahead of myself, this part of the story is a pivotal piece of our history.

When we tell stories from our family history, our children are more connected and grounded, able to see how our life together in the past, present, and future is inspired by God.

So. The story of adoption in our family began when I was five.

I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I wanted to adopt when I was just five-years-old. And not only that, I wanted to adopt a child from Korea. Seriously. Who would think someone that young could know? But.

God inspires us in many different ways.

One thing I can tell you, is that I grew up in an era when no one talked about adoption. For some reason, it was a hidden story for many families. And. International adoption had just become a reality. Few people had a global mindset. During those days in La Grande, Oregon our neighbors were considered to be those who lived across the street or around the corner, not across the sea or around the world.

The only explanation that my parents have . . . is God inspired me to adopt . . . nobody else had talked to me about it. One thing for sure, we need to take kids seriously, listening to their hearts, encouraging them to do what God has purposed for them to do.

God put the desire to adopt in my heart at age 5

The thing is . . . the Spirit of God inspires us with hopes and desires . . . and when we say yes to His inspiration,  we are promised God will give it to us:

Take delight in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4, TNIV).

The inspiration of God to adopt was not just for me, but for Gregg and our whole family.  

Gregg had never thought about or talked about adoption until he met me.  And, I’m not going to lie, it was one of the things that he realized could be a deal breaker.  I was impassioned and connected to adoption; however, God showed me this inspiration needed to become Gregg’s too.  I’m not sure what would have happened, if, Gregg had not received the same call on his life.  I needed to have patience, waiting for Gregg to hear from God.  Patience has never been my best friend, which meant I had to willfully and intentionally be patient while Gregg came to the place of deep desire and passion to adopt.

God never disappoints.

Gregg and Tim

There’s no mistake– God called Gregg to be Tim’s father, an important part of our history and future–a part of the plan for our whole family.

God is God, inspiring us to live purposefully.

Tricia, Tiffany, and Tim

The girls, Tricia and Tiffany, never thought we would not adopt.  It was always a part of our family conversation and prayers.   I found tablet pages with their lists and plans for adoption in every corner of the house.  To this day, they both are list makers.  We included them in the process, from filling out the first papers sent to Holt International to the moment Tim came home.  There’s nothing better than a whole family being able to experience the inspiration of God together.  It’s a part of our identity.

God continues to do more than can be imagined from the inspired desires he puts in our heart.

Obviously, my five-year-old perspective of the future could not have anticipated what led to Tim coming home.  And, I could never have imagined all the days we have had together since that day. But.  I will tell you the first time I held Tim, the moment I had prayed about, believed would happen, and waited for many years to occur, is still one of the greatest moments of my life.   It was as if heaven and earth collided when God gave me the desire of my heart.

The first time I held Tim was one of the most amazing, God-inspired moments of my life.

As Madelyn learns more about this part of our story, I want her to know we have a choice to let the Spirit to be at work within us, leading and guiding us to experience God’s inspired purpose.  I am grateful for knowing what it means to be entrusted with living in the power and force of supernatural inspiration on a journey that goes quickly.


There’s always more to the story when God inspires the heart.



More later . . . Kerrie

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